Why Organizations Need Cyber Security Expert: Reasons and Benefits

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Cybersecurity is critical because a single cyberattack can paralyze a business within a few hours. Wake up one morning to discover your organization’s client information compromised, operations halted, and reputation severely tarnished. This is not a scenario that is in the future; it is a reality that is unfolding in all economies today. To minimize these risks, it is critical to hire a cybersecurity expert.

With a team of professionals experienced in proactively defending organizations from cyber threats, TTR Technology, an organization specializing in cyber security solutions, assures all clients of reduced vulnerability to cyber threats.

Let’s jump into the blog post to learn why it’s important to hire a cybersecurity professional for your business. 

The Growing Threat Landscape

The threat in cyberspace is increasing at a rather alarming rate. In 2023, 52 out of the 56 US states were victims of data breaches, with 1,500 breaches affecting 150 million sensitive records. Hackers are now focusing on businesses with rich customer data by expanding their tools and tactics, such as APTs and social engineering attacks. 

As a result, the focus has shifted to sectors such as healthcare and finance, given the sensitive nature of the data they manage. For example, in 2022, cybercriminals attacked Common Spirit Health, one of the largest hospital networks in the United States, and it paralyzed the work of several hospitals and potentially compromised the records of millions of patients.

This incident emphasizes the importance of proper protection from cyberattacks, as any single interruption of healthcare services may lead to serious outcomes.

Key Reasons to Hire Cyber Security Expert

Key Reasons to Hire Cyber Security Expert
Key Reasons to Hire Cyber Security Expert

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations

Laws like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS have strict guidelines on how organizations must collect and safeguard customer information. Companies may face fines and legal consequences if they fail to meet the established legal standards. Experts in cyber security are fully aware of these regulations, and they will help businesses follow or steer them.

Prevention of Financial Loss

Lost customer data can mean massive costs. Based on IBM’s 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a data breach was $4.24 million. This sums up all the expenses incurred in resolving the issue, such as fines, legal fees, and any additional costs resulting from reputational damage and business losses due to the scandal. Cybersecurity experts are able to avoid such financial losses by employing strict security measures.

Enhanced Data Privacy

Customers’ data protection involves using complex encryptions, an identification system, and controls to access consumer data, not just for compliance purposes. Cyber security professionals safeguard organizational information against external access and cyberattacks.

Minimizing Downtime and Disruption

Cyberattacks can paralyze an organization’s business operations. The Maersk shipping company is a good example; it suffered a terrible ransomware attack in 2017 that impacted its operations and cost it an estimated $300 million. 

The professionals in the field, while designing C.I.P. plans and incident response plans, respond to any cyber event efficiently while trying to reduce disturbance.

Proactive Threat Management

IT security has become more proactive, with Managed IT security professionals constantly scanning the environment for threats in order to avoid them becoming a bigger problem in the future. This proactive approach is central to ensuring the security and privacy of customers’ data.

Weaken insider threats

One of the most serious risks that customer data faces are insider threats, which include both intentional and  accidental ones. Employees in cyber security ensure that they put measures in place to block internal threats and ensure that only the right people get access to certain information.

What Consequences Happen When Businesses Don’t Invest in Cybersecurity Expert?

Consequences Happen When Businesses Don’t Invest in Cybersecurity Expert
Consequences Happen When Businesses Don’t Invest in Cybersecurity Expert

Data Breaches

The lack of cybersecurity measures puts businesses at risk of data breaches that may compromise customer-sensitive information. It can lead to serious financial and image losses.

Legal Penalties and Fines

Failure to adhere to data protection laws may lead to penalties and legal consequences. For example, GDPR fines can be as high as €20 million, or 4% of the global turnover of that year. 

Financial losses

Cyber attacks can result in compensation expenses, fines, lost sales, and reconstruction expenses. The losses caused by data breaches remain high, thus highlighting the cost that organizations face without proper security measures.

Operational Disruptions

Cyberattacks may bring operations to a point, leaving businesses with productivity losses. The WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017 had an enormous impact on global healthcare delivery systems.

Loss of competitive advantage

Tangible and intangible assets Misappropriation weakens the competitive positions of the affected businesses. It means that competitors or any other suspicious person can buy this information, which would be damaging in the long run.

Increased Insurance Costs

The insurers may impose higher charges on organizations that have lost data, experienced cyber attacks, or have not invested in good cybersecurity, adding to their operational costs.

Potential Business Closure

In the worst-case scenario, the business must shut down due to the financial loss and the disruptive operational impact. It is crucial to find a solution because small and medium-sized businesses are the ones most susceptible to such an outcome.

What Are The Benefits of Having Cyber Security Expert?

Customized Defense Strategies for Your Business Needs

Cyber security professionals assess your organization’s unique needs and develop special protection measures to safeguard your valuable customer information successfully.

24/7 Vigilance

While you have cybersecurity specialists in charge, they monitor your systems at every turn and respond to any emerging threats, which quickly reduces the likelihood of a cyberattack.

Access to the Latest Technologies

The cybersecurity team and computer engineers use the latest tools and techniques to tackle cyber threats and protect your customer data from any new emerging threat.

In-Depth Risk Assessments

With routine scanning and assessment, cyber security expert discover problems that are often masked and not immediately shown, which means they can be more specific in addressing the issues and limiting potential data leaks.

Proactive Threat Intelligence

The cyber security expert maintain strong connections with threat intelligence networks worldwide, keeping you informed about current and emerging cyber threats and trends, thereby safeguarding your business from potential attacks.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Cybersecurity professionals staff key positions to optimize resource utilization and protect your valuable data from the lowest possible risk.

Enhanced Customer Trust and Loyalty

Ensuring customer loyalty and trust by employing cyber security expert when approaching data security is a sign of a company’s large concern for customers’s data privacy.

Compliance and Assurance

Cybersecurity specialists assist you in safeguarding your company against data protection violations, thereby preventing fines and negative feedback resulting from such violations.

Cyber Security Expert of TTR Technology

When it comes to cyber threats, it has never been more important for your organization to be safe. TTR Technology is the solution your business needs to protect its valuable data, while our team of cyber security expert works to maintain a smooth process. Take proactive measures to avoid being unprepared for a cyberattack.

You can contact us today to understand how we can help offer the right cybersecurity mechanisms for your company. 


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