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Technical problems happen every single day. But it’s up to you to decide how much time and money your organization is willing to lose because of these problems. Technology has become an essential part of your business operations, but problems happen. Luckily, these problems don’t have to cause your organization to stop.
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Top IT Support 247 Help Desk Services

An IT Support 24/7 Help Desk gives you peace of mind by allowing you to contact our IT experts to quickly resolve complex technical issues from server issues to cybersecurity. 

Don’t let IT problems cause a delay in your business functions. We can help you stay ahead of the curve so you can focus on what matters most– growing your organization. 

A TTR Technology Help Desk is a seamless extension of our remote monitoring platform. When you report an issue, we’ve likely already been aware of the problem and are in the process of resolving it. 

Different Types of IT Support 24/7 Services

We provide businesses with full-service IT support 24/7 so that their employees can focus on their core responsibilities. Our service offerings include:

Network Monitoring & Care

We monitor your network activity and provide IT support 24/7, 365 days of the year, to ensure the efficiency of your network. If you're like most companies, you rely on your network to get you through the day with zero failures. Should there be a failure, our team will immediately start investigating. Once we've determined the cause of the problem, we'll start fixing it. We can often catch issues before you've even realized there was one.

Business Continuity

We offer comprehensive backups and continuity services to ensure that your data is secure, backed up, and accessible when you need it. That means that you'll still be able to get work done even during a network failure and never have to worry about losing data or valuable information again. Continuity allows your employees to work through a failure instead of stopping their work, allowing them to get more done in their day.

Help Desk

US-based, our Help Desk is able to help us provide our clients with support every second of every single day. That includes nights and weekends. Whenever you need our help and support, we're there for you and on any device. Our IT professionals can be contacted via phone, email, or a web-based chat for your convenience. We're waiting to answer your questions and provide you with quick support for all of your IT needs. If you have a technical problem that you can't seem to solve or even a lost password or file, you can contact us to help you recover important data and information so that you don't have to spend hours looking for it or trying to figure it out yourself.

Network and Security Assessment

We provide an assessment to find any weaknesses in your networks and IT systems before data is lost or stolen. Our proactive approach stops hackers in their tracks to protect you and the people you serve.

Custom Project Work

Every company is different, which is why we offer custom projects to suit your specific IT infrastructure. This includes software installations, migrations, setups and configurations, and more. We offer over 85 projects for you to choose from.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Security and effectiveness of your technology are must-haves for any company using any form of technology to get work done. While an in-house team can support your everyday business functions, you’ll reap more rewards working with a Managed IT Service provider.
High ROI
A managed IT service provider (MSP) provides you with tons of resources to benefit your business. We can offer a larger team of professionals along with the most advanced solutions for your business security and functions. We’re also more effective at protecting your business from cyberattacks and threats. With more resources than the average in-house team, we’re also the same price.
We provide support 24/7/365. If your network goes down in the middle of the night, an in-house team won’t be able to do anything until morning unless you want to pay them overtime. MSPs are more efficient because we’re available when you need us most with no downtime. This not only saves you time but resources as well.

With IT support 24/7 at your side, you’ll see an increase in productivity. Better efficiency increases the productivity of your employees, especially when you provide them with data recovery. While you may have hired professionals on-site to develop programs or software for your business, they may get sidetracked handling password recovery and other technical issues. This loss of productivity can be regained when you work with an MSP. 

We can support any in-house IT team that you have and improve their overall productivity. 

Avoid Security Breaches

Cybercrime is always changing and getting more difficult to prevent. However, you can help keep your business safe from crime by outsourcing your cybersecurity efforts to specialists with the latest, most-effective defenses. 

IT experts can also consult with your team to ensure that they avoid phishing attacks and other types of threats that might be aimed at them, helping to eliminate or reduce the risk of a breach. 

If you’re using SaaS providers, you may want to amp up your security. A breach is more likely with cloud-based services if you work with cloud-based software unless you work with an experienced MSP. We can keep your data secure and ensure that only the right users have access to your important business information.

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