Managed IT Solutions in San Francisco

Managed IT Services in San Francisco

Your business needs powerful IT solutions to stay competitive in the tech hub of the world. TTR Technology offers the managed IT services San Francisco Bay Area companies can rely on.

Contact us today for IT managed service tailor-made for your business.

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Grow Your Business with Peace of Mind

San Francisco, CA, was formed by two big business booms. In the 19th century, the California gold rush made it the largest city on the West Coast at the time.

Today, the prospectors are long gone, but tech innovators have taken their place. During the dot-com boom, the San Francisco — Including San Jose and Oakland, CA — transformed into the world’s high tech capital with companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook making it their home.

That’s not to say San Francisco, CA is just about big tech. Its 94,000 small to medium-sized firms make up 93% of the city’s total business, serving clients and customers across all industries.

As you run one of these businesses, you know how vital comprehensive IT solutions are for your operation. But running an in-house IT department can be prohibitively expensive and distract you from your actual business goals.

The smartest move for your company is to partner with a reliable IT managed service providers. TTR Technology brings to the table managed IT services that slash your overheads and keep your infrastructure running smoothly.

We’re one of the leading managed services provider in San Francisco area. With more than a decade of experience, we’ll handle your entire computer system — from network management to security solutions — and let you focus on growing your business.

Our ISO 9001 and HIPAA Certified services are trusted by NASA, the White House, and the US Army. We’ll provide customizable solutions that scale with your business growth and come at predictable flat-rate monthly costs.

Choose peace of mind — choose TTR Technology. Contact us today to get started.

Boost Your Business Freedom with #1 Managed IT Services in San Francisco

Bid farewell to downtime and disrupting computer issues. We provide reliable and affordable IT managed services so your company can concentrate on doing what it does best.

Fully Managed IT Services

As a leading San Francisco managed services company, we'll take care of your entire IT infrastructure from installation and setup to management and maintenance. Our proactive remote network monitoring system responds to issues immediately, while keeping your systems up to date. Our enterprise-level technologies bring you 99% uptime at a price point that won't break your budget.

24/7/365 Help Desk

Our friendly and experienced customer service team provides technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The TTR Help Desk Platform is a seamless extension of our remote monitoring system. It allows us to start looking for a solution before you even pick up the phone to report an issue.

IT Consulting Services

When you don't know which IT services you need, the TTR consulting team will guide you. We provide in-depth advisory services for everything from strategic budgeting and IT planning to website development, security reviews, and custom project work.

Protect Yourself with Leading Cybersecurity Services

About 60% of SMBs shut down within six months of a major cybersecurity breach. Our world-class solutions keep your business continuity, employees, and clients secure.

Vulnerability Assessment

We use advanced vulnerability assessment technologies, including penetration testing and network scans, to identify all at-risk assets. Create an informed security strategy and plug the holes in your system before malicious actors can take advantage of them.

Network Security

Our robust network solutions, powered by an industry-leading remote SOC, monitor your network for threats 24/7. The proactive, on-demand TTR-managed security system responds to threats immediately, while our HIPAA Certified log management system keeps you compliant with regulations.

Endpoint Security

Our end-to-end monitoring platform keeps tabs on all devices connected to your networks and allows you to manage and control access. We use a next-generation, behavior-based threat detection and remediation system to offer scalable safety that keeps your team productive and safe.

SaaS Security

SaaS applications default safety and backup options are often seriously lacking. We provide protection against information breaches and loss, insider threats, malware, and more. We support all SaaS applications to ensure your files are secured on a fully-owned remote TTR server.

Automate Your Backups with Cloud Services

Local backups are a thing of the past. Stay worry-free, improve online collaboration within your team, and reduce backup costs with our cloud services.

Cloud Backup Services

TTR's automated cloud-based backup solution integrates seamlessly with all business tools, including email clients, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, and more. Keep your data easily accessible and safe to maximize uptime and protect your vital business information.

Disaster Recovery Services

Our IT experts specialize in creating an all-encompassing emergency strategy with appropriately scaled file protection and recovery processes. We'll complete the package with a full restoration and integrity test to cover your company in case of all emergencies.

Partner with Trusted Experts for Top Managed IT Services

With managed IT services, San Francisco business owners can focus on making their operation the best it can be with confidence and freedom. Whether you have an overburdened internal IT team or no IT support at all makes no difference — we’ll provide you with a customized solution that fits your needs.

We understand that if can be difficult to choose the right managed IT service providers for your company. You don’t want to get stuck with a partner that doesn’t fulfill their end of the deal.

Our mission is to bring you managed IT services that are guaranteed to lower your IT management costs, maintain constant infrastructure uptime, and protect your business integrity. Free yourself from the stress of IT issues and shift your focus back to growing your enterprise.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation to get started on your customized TTR managed IT services plan.

Knowing TTR Technology is taking care of your business while you sleep at night? Priceless.