XDR As A Service

Why Us

  • A SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27K1
    Certified SOC
  • Industry Beating Priced
  • Premium Quality Service
    1000+ customers across 20+
  • Global SOC Locations
  • Fully-Managed Turnkey/Co-Managed Options
  • 15-Min Gold SLA
  • GDPR and Local Privacy Laws

“Single Pane of Glass to analyze, investigate and responds to security alerts detected across the different security solutions”

Your business is growing, and so as your endpoints, networks, cloud infrastructure, and applications. XDR as a Service is an essential tool for businesses looking to protect their growing network of endpoints, networks, cloud infrastructure, and applications. While traditional security services such as EDR and MDR provide rapid prevention, detection, response, and threat-hunting solutions, they are often seen as limited point solutions that address only a single aspect of network security. XDR addresses these limitations by pulling together the capabilities of multiple security solutions, such as Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), User Behavior Analytics (UBA), Network Detection and Response (NDR), Network Flow Analytics, System X Threat Containment, and Dark Web Monitoring, into a single platform. XDR provides a more unified and holistic approach to defending against all types of attacks, including standard cyberattacks, misuse of networks, unauthorized access, and more. It also helps to expedite the speed of detection and remediation of known and unknown threats. By consolidating multiple security solutions into a single platform, XDR enables businesses to more effectively protect their growing network ofendpoints, networks, cloud services and applications.

Supported Log Sources

Conventional security solutions, such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), User Behavior Analytics (UBA), Network Detection and Response (NDR), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), only provide a fragmented view of potential attacks and infections. This fragmentation can lead to several problems for the SOC team:

  • The high volume of false positive incidents generated by these tools can lead to wasted time spent on triaging
    and investigating these alerts, which can take away from investigating actual incidents.
  • The high number of false positives and need for complex investigations can lead to longer response and
    containment times for a breach.
  • The use of multiple tools can make it difficult for the SOC team to have a comprehensive view of the security
    posture of the IT infrastructure, and they spend a lot of time switching between different consoles
  • XDR addresses these challenges by integrating multiple security solutions and bringing all relevant
    security information to a single pane of glass. This integration:
  • Reduces the response time for alerts by bringing information from all security solutions into one place
  • Reduces alert fatigue for Security Operation Center Analysts
  • Out-of-the-box integration and automation of XDR helps Security Operation Center team in daily and
    routine reports.

With XDR, the SOC team can easily and quickly identify and respond to potential threats, reducing the risk of data
breaches and improving overall security posture.

Extended Detection & Response – Benefits

  • Single Pane of Glass for all Security Solutions XDR integrates all security solutions and provides a single pane of glass to analyze, investigate and mitigate security risks.

  • Expedite Response Time XDR decreases response time to alerts by aggregating and correlating data from multiple security solutions. It also detects and correlates abnormal behavior with well-known attacks.

  • Easy Deployment in Cloud Environmen XDR is a turnkey service with zero-touch deployment. Businesses do not need any additional infrastructure on-premises and can easily integrate currently deployed solutions.
  • Expose Stealthy Threats
    XDR provides extensive knowledge about the
    abnormal behavior to the IT Team and helps to
    contain the threat before they cause any damage.

  • Increase SOC Productivity
    XDR increases the productivity of the SOC team by
    eliminating the need for analysts to switch between
    different consoles. It also helps them grasp
    knowledge from each console, reducing false

  • Behavioral Rules to Stop Future Attacks
    XDR provides functionality to identify a behavioral
    baseline of identities in the IT environment over
    time, creating rules to identify non-traditional and
    zero-day threats that can bypass conventional
    signature-based methodology.

Managed Xdr-as-a-service-features

  • A SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27K1 Certified SOC
  • Industry Beating Priced Premium Quality Service
  • Simple Per-Asset Pricing Model
  • 1000+ customers across 20+ countries
    Global Locations
  • Vulnerability & Patch Mgmt Solution Agnostic
  • Fixed Monthly Fee (No Nickel-&-Dime!)
  • Fully-Managed Turnkey/Co-Managed Options
  • 15-Min Gold SLA
  • GDPR and Local Privacy Laws Complian

Socservice Benefits

  • Actionable & Noise Suppression Alerts

  • Customer’s network is monitored 24×7 by dedicated named SOC analysts.
  • Every detected alert is triaged, and custom incident report tickets manually created.
  • Noise is suppressed & only True Positives are escalated – Customers don’t have to deal with overwhelming alerts and false positives.
  • 24×7 Access to SOC and Customer Data

  • Customer gets full access to search SIEM ingested log data
  • Customer gets access to SOC Ticketing Portal
  • 24×7 Real-time Incident Alerting & Triage by SOC
  • SOC Analysts available to jump on Incident
  • Containment Bridge Calls (No extra charges)
  • 24×7 access to expert Named SOC analysts

Supported XDR Products

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