Managed IT Solutions in Boston

Managed IT Services in Boston

Shift your focus from IT issues to growing your business. TTR Technology provides the managed IT service Boston organizations need to achieve their goals.

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IT Services That Support Boston's Innovative Companies

Boston, Massachusetts, is the most innovative city in the U.S. Not only is it unparalleled in academics, the Greater Boston area is one of the largest local economies in the world.

If you know anything about the city, though, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Boston is home to not only many leading high tech companies, but also more than 40,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

In today’s digital world, both leading information technology companies and SMBs are in the same boat in one regard. They require powerful and reliable technology solutions to improve their operations and reach their business goals.

But maintaining an in-house IT department can be very expensive and time-consuming. The smartest move for your company is to partner with a world-class information technology company.

TTR Technology is a leading managed IT service provider in Boston, with more than 10 years of experience. We offer a complete range of solutions to ensure your team never struggles with IT problems again.

We’ve grown from a small local business to an ISO 9001 Certified, VMWare Accredited managed IT service providers whose cutting-edge solutions are trusted by NASA, the White House, and the US Army. Our team of experts understands the needs of both small non-profit organizations and large-scale enterprises.

We bring to your organization more than just an IT service firm. We’ll become a natural extension of your team so that we can keep your systems running while you focus on what your business does best.

Choose TTR Technology — choose peace of mind. Contact us today for enterprise-level managed IT solutions in Boston.

The Most Trusted IT Services in Boston

Stop wasting time on dysfunctional computers and slow networks. Our Boston-managed IT services plans let you shift your focus back to innovation and success.

Fully Managed IT Services

As a leading Boston managed IT service provider, we'll take care of your IT infrastructure from installation and setup to maintenance and management. Our proactive remote monitoring system responds to issues immediately and keeps your software and infrastructure secure and up to date. We provide predictable flat-rate plans that let your team work with confidence.

Data Recovery

Don't lose your valuable files to hard drive failure. Our A+ rated recovery service will retrieve lost files even from the most impenetrable black-box file storage systems. We support every hard drive and RAID configuration from all manufacturers.

Protect Your Boston Operation with World-Class Cybersecurity

Statistics show that 60% of SMBs close down within six months of a major information breach. Our watertight cybersecurity services protect your business continuity, employees, and clients from every threat and risk.

Vulnerability Assessment

Get rid of the weak links in your IT infrastructure. Our advanced vulnerability assessment technologies identify all at-risk assets in your systems. We'll carry out penetration testing and more to make sure all holes are plugged before criminals can take advantage of them.

Network Security

Our enterprise-level network security solutions, powered by an industry-leading remote SOC, monitor your network for threats around the clock. We employ a proactive, on-demand managed security system that lets us manage risks immediately and provides HIPAA Certified log management to guarantee your regulatory compliance.

Endpoint Security

The TTR end-to-end monitoring platform enables you to manage and control every computer and mobile device with access to your network. Our next-generation, behavior-based remote threat detection and remediation systems offer infinitely scalable safety customized to fit your firm's needs.

SaaS Security

You can't do business without SaaS applications, but they're notorious for their lack of comprehensive security measures. We protect your organization from data breaches and loss, insider threats, and malware while ensuring your files are secured through cloud-based backup solutions. Get the most out of your SaaS applications — securely.

Reliable Cloud Services for All Boston Organizations

Give your vital data the protection it deserves. Our automated cloud services store your information safely on our wholly-owned hosting platforms so you’ll never have to worry about backups again.

Complete Your Digital Transformation with TTR Technology

Boston is known as one of the high tech capitals of the world. In such an environment, your operation can’t afford to lag behind in technology.

IT problems are nothing but a needless distraction. Start saving your nerves, time, and money with our cost-efficient monthly IT support services and focus on the things that matter.

Our mission is to help Boston companies across all industries reap the benefits of the latest advances in information technology. We know we’ve reached our goals when you reach yours.

Discover how world-class managed IT services can transform your business. Contact TTR Technology and complete your IT infrastructure.



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