Protect Patient Data with Advance Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

How much is your health information worth on the black market? Just think about your records containing information of a medical patient who does not want others to know, stolen by hackers. Healthcare cybersecurity solutions are now not simply concerned with compliance. But they hold great importance in protecting the whole healthcare industry’s data from […]

Why Do You Need Managed IT Services? Reason and Benefits

Managed IT Service

Managed IT services mean outsourcing IT services and activities to enhance business operations at a low cost. Understanding why you need managed IT services is very important for your business.  These services include Email security, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, firewall security, cloud security and technical support, as well as providing professional IT Managed services and […]

How to Get IT Solution Consulting To Maximize Business Efficiency

IT Solution Consulting

IT solution consulting offers professional solutions and recommendations to organizations facing complicated issues in the IT field. It involves the development, installation, and maintenance of new IT systems as well as the enhancement of existing systems.  The IT consultants are in direct contact with their clients to understand their requirements and expectations. This way, they […]

EDR vs XDR: Optimizing Industry Security with TTR Technology


Let’s discuss EDR vs. XDR, the two solutions that are often used in different industries such as health care, oil, and gas to optimize security. It’s important to know their differences and purposes in cyber security. EDR solutions are focused on protecting endpoints, such as PCs, mobile devices, and servers.  It provides extended monitoring, instant […]

Secure Your Business with TTR Technology Cyber Security Solutions

cyber security solutions

The objective of Cyber security solutions is to create effective defense mechanisms against various cyber threats. These services include firewall and antivirus, encryption, and Multi-Factor Authentication. They are considered essential because they protect data, manage data leaks, support confidentiality, and secure information.  Moreover, it allows organizations to protect valuable assets, and customer relations, and incur […]

Cybersecurity Frameworks Explained: NIST, ISO & More

Cybersecurity Frameworks Explained NIST ISO and Others

To create a successful digital presence, the risk of cyber threats and attacks can restrain your growth. To overcome this problem, we have cybersecurity frameworks. They are like a blueprint cybersecurity service provider uses to build a cyber defense system. These frameworks let you identify and fix vulnerabilities to protect crucial data for building a […]

Why Your Business Needs Anti-Phishing Solutions

Anti-Phishing Solutions

Anti-phishing solutions are security measures designed to prevent users from falling victim to phishing schemes that demand personal details, such as login credentials and other financial or personal information. These solutions use email filtering, web content scanning, awareness messages, and real-time threat feeds to detect and reduce the identified phishing attacks.  TTR Technology provides cybersecurity […]

Keeping Your Cloud Data Safe: The Importance of Encryption

Keeping Your Cloud Data Safe The Importance of Encryption

The cloud has transformed how we store and access data. Today, most users rely highly on cloud services to store and manage data. While the cloud offers many benefits, such as flexibility and scalability, it also poses security risks. One of the most effective ways to protect your data in the cloud is through encryption. […]

Why Do You Need a Network Vulnerability Assessment?

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Understanding Network Vulnerability Assessment What is a Network Vulnerability Assessment? Conducting a network vulnerability assessment involves a methodical approach to identifying, measuring, and assessing vulnerabilities within a network. Assessing the network’s security status to identify vulnerabilities that cyber threats may target is one aspect of this role. It plays an important part in a balanced […]

Secure Your Business With Enterprise Firewall Solutions

Enterprise Firewall Solutions

Businesses nowadays act as hackers’ targets, which can severely threaten the stability of their performance and data security. An enterprise firewall is an effective security technology that is intended to protect a large business network from such attacks. However, TTR Technology provides top-tier enterprise firewall solutions that are equally suited to your company’s diverse needs. […]