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A vulnerability assessment enhances cyber security and improves your business’s information security by discovering weaknesses in your defense. A vulnerability assessment evaluates your cyber security and IT systems’ potential security issues, including flaws and vulnerabilities, and data security holes.

A network vulnerability assessment finds flaws in the cyber security of your organization before these vulnerabilities are taken advantage of. Threats to corporate security have increased, with data breaches costing companies billions of dollars each year. 

Vulnerability assessments of your business take stock of your system and network’s overall security to identify IT infrastructure weaknesses, testing and identifying potential places where there could be breaches. They also determine how much of the system could be compromised if there were to be a breach. 

A network vulnerability assessment provides you with a checklist of ways to fix problems within your infrastructure. It will provide you with a checklist for regular maintenance and protection of your network and systems. 

When you test your network periodically with vulnerability assessments, you can find new risks that may compromise your security. A detailed assessment will show you where your weaknesses are, what they are, and assess which areas should be prioritized.

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Key Benefits of TTR Vulnerability Assessments Services

A vulnerability assessments can tell you about the weaknesses of the IT systems of your organization. However, only an experienced managed IT service provider has the skills to make changes in your systems’ security. When it comes to working with a vulnerability assessments services provider like TTR, you can expect the following benefits:

With a vulnerability assessment service provider, you can detect weaknesses in your security before attackers. Remember, attackers, are constantly monitoring networks for signs of weaknesses. While you may have an efficient and effective IT support team, it may be impossible to detect all weaknesses without an information security service provider. 

You may not always know which devices are connected to your network. By taking a look at an inventoried list, you can see which devices have been approved and which may be compromising your security. Not only that, but our vulnerability assessment provides you with the vulnerabilities of each of these devices so that you know how to beef up security and ensure there are no breaches. 

A vulnerability assessment can help you prepare for the future. The IT world is ever-changing, and it's necessary to keep up with the times. You should be planning for future upgrades at all times, considering how often IT and your organization needs to change. Working with Vulnerability Assessment Service providers enables you to prepare for future upgrades. 

At the very least, a vulnerability assessment can give you peace of mind by validating your security controls. While there may be weak points in some cases, you may also find that your security is better than you thought, allowing you to focus on better securing the areas of your networks and systems that need it most. 

A defined and detailed vulnerability assessment report or information security program will outline potential areas of weakness within your networks and IT systems. This report will also detail a plan for fixing these weaknesses. The vulnerability assessment report will help your security team sort through all of the vulnerabilities, the level of risks they pose, and the possibility of cyber attacks. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing you need is a better understanding of the threats your system faces, weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your networks and systems, and the ways you can alleviate them. 

Vulnerability assessments like these predict threats and help stop them before they begin, something that could end up saving your company millions if not billions of dollars. This proactive approach maintains the integrity of your operation at every level. 

Different Types of Security Vulnerability Assessments

There are a few different types of vulnerability assessments that assess risks and vulnerabilities in your IT systems. 

Network Mapping

Network mapping is a type of vulnerability assessment that outlines your entire network and the devices connected to it. These maps provide you with easy-to-understand graphics that show you the different types of devices on your network, how they're performing, and indicate any potential threats.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scans use a scanner that identifies and makes an inventory of all of your systems, including web servers, desktops, laptops, firewalls, and more, that are connected to your systems.

For each device identified, a scanner also identifies the type of operating system it runs and the software installs, along with user accounts. With this inventory, the scanner scans each item against databases of known vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scanning lists the systems found and identified on your network to highlight any known vulnerabilities that need to be fixed.

Phishing Assessment

A phishing assessment is an attempt to gain information or access for a user within your organization through the use of email. Because phishing is common, it's important to ensure that your employees can avoid them as best as possible. With an assessment, organizations can see how vulnerable they are to phishing attacks by testing engagements and implementing their training programs for employees based on results.

Wireless Assessment

Wireless network vulnerability assessments analyze the security of your wireless internet to ensure security.

Web Applications Assessment

A web applications assessment helps you discover vulnerabilities of a web application so that they can be removed by developers to keep data safe from unauthorized action. The web application assessments analyze your internal and external applications' security, including APIs and mobile applications.

Operating System Security Assessment (OSSA)

Operating system security ensures integrity and confidentiality to protect your operating system from threats, including viruses, worms, malware, and hackers.

Database Assessment

A database security assessment will measure risks associated with a database to demonstrate which vulnerabilities need attention.

Penetration Testing.

Also known as a Pen Test, penetration testing simulates cyber attacks against your network and systems to search for vulnerabilities. By mimicking attack scenarios, penetration testing is effective because it demonstrates what could happen if your cyber security isn't up to snuff so that you can improve your security control.

Why TTR Technology Vulnerability Management for Improved Cyber Security and Information Security?

With threat analysis, you can beat cyber threats before they occur by improving your security vulnerabilities. You need a reliable team of security experts at your back, which is why we’re available 24/7. Whether you’ve been hacked or want to prevent a data breach, we are available when you need us most. The best way to ensure your organization’s networks work properly and effectively is to have vulnerability assessments with penetration testing done by a group of professionals like our team who can fix any problems that arise. Reach your cyber security goals by contacting us today.

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