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All organizations can benefit from Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for team collaborations, email, and cloud file storage, accounting, and more. The SaaS programs you use are an integral part of your business functions. As your data moves from a physical location to a virtual one, you may be faced with security problems you didn’t have to consider before. 

What is a SaaS Security Solution?

While SaaS provider is also responsible for handling some security for a cloud application, they do not have essential security capabilities. These providers don’t often provide comprehensive back up, which can leave you with loss of data due to human error, threats, and even cyberattacks. 

SaaS security secures end users privacy and corporate data in subscription-based cloud applications. With so much sensitive data being carried by SaaS applications that can be accessed from any device, there is a huge risk to privacy and sensitive data. With SaaS Data Security services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure and you won’t lose it during a blackout. 

Types of SaaS Security Services

While SaaS applications can improve your business’ efficiency, they can also pose risks to your company, including:

Many types of SaaS cloud security services can be implemented. These include:

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) secures intellectual property to protect your sensitive data in SaaS security applications along with endpoints like laptops, desktop computers, and even mobile devices.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance SaaS security solutions provide control and reporting capabilities to ensure compliance with government regulations.

Malware Protection and Security

Advanced protection from malware includes real-time threat intelligence that detects and blocks malicious files that may be spread through email and file-sharing applications like G-suite and Office 365.

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) help protect your data and its users across multiple SaaS applications to provide IT departments and professionals with greater visibility into data usage.

Key Benefits of TTR SaaS Cloud Security Services

Cloud security should be your number one priority when you’re using Software as a Service for your organization.

Knowing that your data is safe and you have cloud infrastructure security with our security tools gives you peace of mind. We do the work for you, connecting with your SaaS providers to ensure your data and corporate information security. 

Whether it’s G-suite, Salesforce, or Microsoft Office 365, we offer broad coverage no matter which SaaS provider you use. While you continue to use SaaS applications and programs to improve your business functions, we ensure the safety of your data and its accessibility. 

Key Features of a SaaS Security Service

When it comes to your privacy and data and that of your vendors and customers, you need a Software as a Service (SaaS) security services provider that’s able to do it all with the best security practices.

Full Cloud Data Protection and Security

Never lose data or important information again. With full cloud data protection, you’ll have automated backup to a physical, independent, and safe cloud location. This ensures the safety of your data and makes it accessible at any time. If your SaaS is experiencing downtime, you can pick up and start right where you left off.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Recover

With our security solutions, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We take care of the set up so that you can rest assured that your data is protected and secure.

Have you ever lost an email or important file? We make recovering important data quick and easy. You’ll never lose another email again with data recovery solutions for SaaS applications. Daily automated backup.

Your data is backed up once a day so that you won’t lose anything due to human error again. If your employees have ever accidentally deleted a file that was helping them do their accounting, they can find a backed-up version, ultimately reducing downtime and prevent days of work from going to waste.

Configurable Retention

You can choose a retention period for as little as 30 days or keep your data for up to 12 months or years. This allows you to keep your organization organized as old data will be replaced with new and there will be no duplicate files. With the right security services, you’ll see an increase in efficiency and the effectiveness of the work your employees are doing.

You can also customize your retention by the type of data, such as whether it’s from OneDrive, DropBox, G-suite, office 365, and more. You can choose to save Google Drive files for one year and OneDrive files for two months, depending on what you use each SaaS solution for.

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