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Implementing and managing your IT security solutions in-house is a challenge many businesses are ill-prepared and equipped for. TTR Technology’s managed network security services let you pursue your business goals knowing that your network protection is ready to thwart any and all threats.

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New cybersecurity threats are cropping up every hour, while governments around the world are constantly tightening their IT security regulations. Maintaining internal IT staff that is capable of responding to these threats and issues in an appropriate manner can be prohibitively costly.

But make no mistake, your company or enterprise needs a robust security service plan for your IT infrastructure. TTR Technology’s managed security services provide you with the peace of mind and protection you need.

Our reliable and trusted network security solutions provide 24/7 incident response to keep your business protected against all threats. As an ISO 9001 Certified GSA Contract Holder, our managed security services safeguard systems of organizations of all sizes, all the way up to NASA and the U.S. Army.

TTR Technology managed security service has been developed specifically to bring you full network protection at a fraction of the cost of an in-house network security team. Stop worrying about whether your IT teams are up to the task and start focusing on growing your business.

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With unparalleled expertise, the TTR Technology network security team is prepared to repel any attacks or threats targeting companies big and small, whichever state they may be in. We improve the security posture of your organization and let you realize the full benefits of a powerful managed network security service.

As enterprises face ever tighter security regulations, you must be prepared to provide the necessary information for compliance audits at any time. TTR Technology managed network security solutions are built on a foundation of advanced Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) technology that protects you against cyber threats while making it easy to meet compliance requirements.

Our Log Management system has out-of-the-box support for PCI, HIPAA, and NIST-800 compliance reports. These comprehensive logging technologies give you the information you need to verify the state of your company's regulatory compliance and to respond correctly when regulations change.

TTR Technology managed network security service service provides you with full-scale device management solutions, alongside security monitoring of all devices connected to your network, from mobile phones to dedicated desktop workstations. Harnessing the full power of log monitoring and management, our systems provide complete intrusion detection and incident response services.

Empower your business with 24/7 threat detection technologies that identify any potential malicious events and unauthorized devices. Add to that our mobile device security and encryption solutions, and you can rest easy of knowing that only those authorized to do so are accessing your network.

Cyber criminals do not discriminate between small and large businesses - they are equal-opportunity threats to all organizations. TTR Technology's security operations center (SOC) provides scalable network security solutions that allows us to respond with network defense tasks and security resources tailored for your IT infrastructure.

Our SOC offers 24/7 protection processes to all organizations that keep your customer data safe through a fully integrated range of response capabilities. Our threat monitoring and vulnerability scanning measures will let you focus in peace on providing world-class products and services that will satisfy your clients.

Key Features

TTR Technology managed network security services bring you an unrivaled solution to safeguard your businesses, customers, and employees. Our services rely on a fully-featured package of systems and technologies, supported by expert security professionals, that are guaranteed to change the way you think about IT security.

Monitoring and Analysis

TTR Technology managed security services provide your business with an ever vigilant watchdog. Our SOC features an intrusion detection solution that monitors your network around the clock for any number of threats.

We analyze both key log files and the internet to identify any malicious events and emerging web and email threats. Our system will take appropriate measures, from pushing through security updates to rolling back to previous safe application versions, to keep both businesses and customers safe.

Threat Intelligence Support

TTR Technology's SOC protects you from all cyber attacks, whether they're targeting your cloud services, firewalls, email systems, or servers. We compile information in real time about existing and emerging threats that helps your networking security technology stay up-to-date and current.

We help you understand the threats you face and provide your organization's administration the advice they need to implement updates to your network security. Experience the peace of mind only our world-class threat intelligence support services can bring.

Ultimate SIEM Technology

TTR Technology network solutions are powered by EventTracker SIEM technology. Together with the experienced professionals at our SOC, it provides you with the best solution to protect your network while meeting regulatory requirements.

The thorough historical and real-time analysis capability of this technology lets you control the cost and resources while maximizing your company's security capability. It empowers you with up-to-date protection against any threat, from email ransomware to web page vulnerabilities.

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