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A cyber attack can bring down businesses and companies for good in the blink of an eye. TTR Technology is your trusted cyber security solutions partner that you can count on detect and respond to any threat before it can harm you.

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Cyber security is quickly becoming the number one concern for any organization or enterprise. Increasingly strict government regulations mandate a thorough IT security program, not to mention the massive financial and operational damage a cyber attack and cause.

TTR Technology is one of the leading providers of information security and cyber security services in Washington DC and the rest of the United States. Our reliable 24/7 cyber security services company is ISO 9001 Certified and guaranteed to safeguard any organization, no matter your information technology needs.

As a world-class GSA Government Contract Holder, we are ideally placed to help organizations of any size. You can trust that we have the expertise, services, and strategies your business or enterprise needs to enact a powerful cyber security program.

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Different Cyber Security Services We Offer

Our cyber security experts provide your Washington DC organization with the tools and services you need to safeguard your clients and business strategy. Our scaled managed security services offer the correct measure of protection against both internal and external threats and attacks.

Risk Assessment on Dark Web

Many cyber attacks originate in the Dark Web, where criminals share information and technologies to plan and commit attacks. One of the leading indicators of security flaws and an upcoming threat is the presence of leaked credentials for your network.

TTR Technology's Dark Web Monitoring services help you stay ahead of attackers. Not only will our subject matter experts improve your awareness of potential threat actors, we also provide you with insights that help you optimize your password security and risk management solutions.

Endpoint Security

Our Endpoint Network Security measures monitor your information technology environment for any signs of cyber threats, such as access by unauthorized users. With real-time detection and response solutions, you can focus on your business and employees knowing that your site and organization are safe.

Our Endpoint Security service is built on precise data analytics of quarantined applications and files that cut down on false positives and ensure ultimate IT security. Upon virus or malware detection, our lightning-fast incident response system will roll back to a safe application version, minimizing the impact on your business.

Network Security

TTR Network Security services help you stay on the ball with the strictest governmental information security requirements. Our service provides real-time monitoring and logging of users and access to your network, allowing you to easily demonstrate compliance with any regulatory standard, including HIPAA, PCI, and NIST-800.

With 24/7 threat intelligence support, you can trust that any risk or threat is quickly detected and remediated. Covering all devices on the network, we are able to serve the cyber security needs of enterprises and organizations of all sizes.

Vulnerability Assessment

Any effective information security program relies on a comprehensive vulnerability and cyber security assessment. TTR Technology will scour your network or system for any security gaps that could be used to access it, helping you complete your data protection plan.

Based on penetration testing and analytics, we will recommend the cyber security services your enterprise needs to improve your security posture. Besides technology protection, we will use our expertise to provide security awareness training to help your employees avoid introducing threats to your system.

SaaS Security

Many organizations now use the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based applications, and SaaS services to store data and resources. Our SaaS Security services will protect your files in the cloud and intercept the inherent risk with this technology.

Our SaaS cyber security strategies will boost your security controls management on all devices used to access your cloud resources. With our services, your team will be able to seamlessly use cloud services without worrying about risk and security.

Benefits of TTR Technology Cyber Security Services

Our managed security services bring value to your business, whether you’re located in Washington DC or elsewhere in the United States. Realize the benefits of powerful computer security with our service packages.

Implement advanced operations without the need for in-house security expertise. Our top-class SOC provides you with a 24/7 scaled cyber security program that generates value for your company by freeing you to do business while we keep you safe.

Empower your users and employees with our Multifactor Authentication solutions for user management. It allows them to access critical and confidential resources while protecting against password theft and letting management limit user access when necessary.

Fortify your business against multivariant ransomware cyber attacks. Our continuous monitoring and detection systems help you stay one step ahead of cyber criminals, while our ransomware rollback will return your applications to latest secure versions if ransomware is detected.

Don't get left behind in the cyber security arms race. Our solutions use artificial intelligence and cloud-based security services to scour emerging threat intelligence from the internet and block threats before they can affect your business network.

Safely implement your business-critical environments with our certified data centers - including FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR Certifications - strategically located across the globe. Our infrastructure reduces complexity that restricts interconnection, enabling us to provide fully managed, cloud-based ecosystems.

Harness the full power of machine learning algorithms to scour your logs for signs of advanced threats and attacks. Your business will be able to demonstrate regulatory compliance while also improving your protection against cyber attacks.

Secure your valuable and sensitive files with our cloud-based backup services. Our solutions will protect your business in case of an attack leading to data loss with our regular, fully-tested backup solutions.

Reinforce your company network with powerful assessment methods, from penetration testing to team training. We will impart our expertise to your business and help you plug any holes in your site or network that could leave you vulnerable to attack.

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