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24/7 IT Support — Why Your Business Needs It

No matter your industry, your IT solutions must work around the clock. Find out what 24/7 IT support means in reality and how it can help your company succeed.

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Businesses Depend on IT Support 24/7

We live in an increasingly digitalized world. More and more customers and clients are now doing their business online, while new and innovative tech solutions to help companies reach success pop up practically every hour.

In such an environment, it’s no wonder that IT plays a critical role in the operations of every company. It makes no difference whether you use a couple of computers at the cash register or run intricate, globe-spanning data analytics networks — IT is what keeps your business operational.

This ever-growing reliance on digital solutions is both a boon and a curse to modern companies. On one hand, it offers incredible opportunities. It’s easier than ever to connect with new and existing customers and to boost your operational efficiency through creative use of technology.

But then there are the downsides. Without a doubt, you’ve struggled with IT issues, whether they’re something minor — like irritating ads that pop up on your browser when they really shouldn’t — or disastrous in scale, like a total system crash.

IT problems can be crippling to your company. First of all, they can cause you to lose business. If you can’t serve your customers or clients because you’re trying to resolve your computer problems, they will not stick around.

Don’t take our word for it, either. Data from Hubspot Research shows 90% of customers rate immediate responses as important or very important when buying products or services. Having to wait will turn them away.

You also have to consider your business case. Slow IT infrastructure hinders your productivity and profitability. And should you fall victim to a cyber attack, you may be done for good — Small Business Trends says 60% of small businesses close down within six months of a data breach.

For these reasons and more, your company needs IT support 24/7. Managed IT service providers offering round-the-clock IT support services can help you.

What is a 24/7 IT Support Help Desk?

In essence, 24/7 IT support is exactly what it says on the label — IT support services that are available to your business around the clock. To the minds of many business owners, this means running your own in-house IT department.

There are multiple reasons why that may be unfeasible, though. In-house IT experts are expensive, and smaller businesses in particular can’t afford to pay for them. Additionally, they aren’t cost-effective — you’ll have to pay your experts’ salaries even if you face no issues.

That’s why smart companies have decided to outsource their IT support to a reliable managed IT services provider, or MSP. A good MSP will operate round-the-clock Help Desk services to resolve your technical problems instantly.

Managed Help Desk services consist of a team of technical experts that stand ready to assist you with any issues, from hardware setup to network monitoring. Trustworthy MSPs will allow you to contact their Help Desk in several ways, either by phone, web browser, or even a mobile app to ensure you can always get the support you need.

If your MSP is particularly reliable, they may go even further. Some of them install their monitoring platform on your system so that they can receive instant alerts on any problems. This will allow your MSP to start resolving your issues before you may even be aware of them.

What is a 24/7 IT Support Help Desk?

Having access to 24/7 IT support services benefits your business in many ways. To put it simply, they provide your company with a professional IT team that’s ready to get your devices and systems up and running when you need them.

But as the late Billy Mays said, there’s more. A short list of the benefits 24/7 IT support brings your business includes:

When you need IT support for any reason, your MSP will always be ready to assist you. You'll be able to contact dedicated IT experts from anywhere at any time, by phone, email or browser, without having to wait in line. They will be able to remotely access your system and start resolving issue without delay.

This is particularly critical in today's globalized business environment. You may run several offices in different countries, located in all corners of the world. If your IT support provider only operates according to the business hours of one time zone, that could mean that some of your locations will never have access to tech support when they need it.

Good MSPs provide you with predictable, flat-rate monthly IT support plans that contain no hidden fees. These plans are often only a fraction of what maintaining an in-house IT department would cost. The predictable nature of 24/7 IT support plans helps you draft a steady IT budget and allocate your resources to where they can most efficiently help your business grow.

With a 24/7 IT Help Desk at your service, you can count on your issues being resolved in a timely manner. Prompt services keeps your system downtime to a minimum, meaning you will not lose more time and money than what is absolutely necessary to fix the problem.

Having access to 24/7 IT support allows you to diversify your business. You can comfortably expand to distant domestic and foreign markets with the knowledge that you will be able to serve your customers at any time, wherever they may be.

Cybercrime is always changing and getting more difficult to prevent. However, you can help keep your business safe from crime by outsourcing your cybersecurity efforts so specialists with the latest, most-effective defenses. 

IT experts can also consult with your team to ensure that they avoid phishing attacks and other types of threats that might be aimed at them, helping to eliminate or reduce the risk of a breach. 

Unless you run an IT support company, you're not in the business of solving IT issues. 24/7 IT support services help you and your team work with peace of mind, knowing that even if they ran into a problem, it will get resolved quickly.

When You Should Contact IT Support

The answer to when you should contact your 24/7 IT support provider is simple — now. You could opt to wait and see if an IT issue will resolve itself, but if you’re paying for 24/7 support services, you should use them to their greatest extent.

As you’re no doubt aware, the list of possible IT issues you may encounter is practically infinite. That said, some of the problems you should immediately report to your IT support services provider include:

  • Slow or dropping network connections
  • System and app login issues or revoked user rights
  • Data loss or hard drive failure
  • Malware or viruses
  • Data or access breach
  • Help with software or hardware setup
  • Crashing or unresponsive computers or devices
  • Failure to download or access data

What to Do When You Need IT Support

In most cases, all you need to do to get in touch with your 24/7 IT support provider is to pick up the phone or shoot them an email. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure their technicians can most effectively resolve your issues. They include:

  1. When you notice an issue, immediately stop using the app, computer, network, or other device.
  2. If you suspect a hard drive failure or data loss, switch off the related computer. Otherwise, keep the power and connection on so your support provider can remotely access the system.
  3. Write down a detailed description of the problem you’re facing, including what the issues are, what software and hardware you’re using, what you were doing when the issue started, and any fixes you may have tried yourself.
  4. Contact your IT support provider by phone, email, or web chat.
  5. Follow the instructions you receive closely to resolve your issue.

TTR Technology 24/7 IT Support Help Desk

TTR Technology is one of the leading providers of 24/7 remote IT support for all businesses. Our Help Desk is staffed by reliable IT gurus who are ready to find a solution to any problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We provide your business with a 24/7 monitoring platform that keeps an eye on all activity within your infrastructure, including network access, remote threats, viruses, and system failure. Our Help Desk is seamlessly integrated into this platform, allowing us to start resolving problems in record time, before you even know about them.

Our affordable flat-rate support packages are ISO 9001 and HIPAA Certified, and can be customized precisely to your business needs. We provide you with 99.9% uptime and creative solutions that are guaranteed to deliver a high ROI and improve productivity.

The professionals at our 24/7 IT Support Help Desk will work as a natural extension of your team. We share your mission to protect your business continuity and help you reach your goals.

Don’t be content with sub-part IT support. Work with confidence and forget what IT issues are in the first place.

Choose peace of mind — choose TTR Technology. Contact us today to get started on your 24/7 IT support plan.

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Problems with technology are likely to happen, but they don’t have to disrupt your business. A network failure or software freeze shouldn’t stop your employees from getting things done. We provide you with peace of mind 24/7 so that you can focus on activities that drive your business to success. 

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