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Good business requires good IT infrastructure. Learn how managed IT services allow small businesses to effectively leverage technology solutions and get the support services they need without breaking the budget.

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Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

The business landscape is changing rapidly. Customers are increasingly moving online, and companies require effective technology solutions to do business with modern digital tools.

Unfortunately, many companies still treat their IT solutions as an afterthought. This kind of thinking is particularly prevalent among small businesses. There’s a solid reason for that, though — money.

Large corporations have the employees, budget, and resources to build and maintain efficient in-house IT departments. Small businesses, often operating out of a single office, don’t have the luxury of affording dedicated IT staff.

Many times, network and equipment installation and maintenance at a small business is handled as someone’s secondary duty. However, in the case of — for example — critical system failure, non-professional IT managers may not have the skills or knowledge to quickly remedy the situation.

In the best case scenario, the result of such a situation is system downtime and lost productivity. But it could also end up in data loss and severe disruption to your business operations.

The smartest move for small businesses is to partner with a reliable, trusted managed IT services provider. A company specializing in small business IT support services will keep your systems operational and secure, and free you to focus on your business goals.


The Basics of Small Business IT Services

Before you hire a managed services provider, you should know what exactly you’re getting into. Let’s briefly explore what managed IT services are.

When you partner with a managed services company, you’ll be outsourcing your IT management and support to them. You pay for these services at a flat monthly rate — unlike with break/fix or on-demand services, where you pay for each completed project separately.

When your systems work as intended, you may not even remember you’ve hired an IT management company. But when something goes wrong, the service firm will be immediately ready to address any issues and protect your company’s data.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

You might now be thinking, “Why would I pay a monthly rate? Wouldn’t it be better to hire an IT specialist when something breaks and I need a repair service?”

On the surface, this train of thought makes sense. However, small business IT support services provide benefits beyond simply fixing broken computers.

Here is a breakdown of how your organization will benefit from managed it services.

The most straightforward benefit of managed IT services is that they'll save you money. You won't have to pay for an entire IT department with dedicated staff, allowing you to allocate your budget towards your business goals. Subscribing to a support service at a flat monthly rate is cost-effective and keeps your expenses predictable.

Any IT service provider worth its salt will offer 24/7 network and issue monitoring, together with a round-the-clock help desk service. With a dedicated team of experts ready to help you, you and your staff won't have to stop working to solve IT issues. Even if your operations would come to a stop, you'll minimize downtime and get back into the action quickly.

Whatever your industry, your company's IT infrastructure has to be current for you to operate at full efficiency. Slow computers and networks and out-of-date solutions will hand the competitive edge to other companies. An IT service provider will offer consulting services and work with you to make sure you're running the latest, most efficient software and hardware.


It can be challenging for a small business to stay on top of ever-changing data and privacy regulations. Violating them could result in serious fines, or worse. A responsible IT service company will be fully certified and knowledgeable about all technology regulations. They'll help you remain compliant through exhaustive logging and by using industry best practices.

Cybercriminals love local small businesses. Not for their services, mind you, but because they aren't sufficiently protected. According to Small Business Trends, 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of a cyberattack. By subscribing to a cybersecurity service, you'll protect your data, business, employees, and customers from malicious actors.

Small businesses often operate on limited resources, and therefore their IT infrastructures can vary wildly in robustness and complexity. This makes standardized solutions difficult or even impossible to implement, and the support they give might be far from satisfactory. Good managed IT services are customizable, and can be tailored to fit your challenges and resources based on consultation.

The Most Important Managed Services for Small Businesses

There are more IT service companies out there than you could ever need. As such, it can be difficult to pick the right one to partner with — especially if you’ve never done so before.

When browsing for the right partner, make sure to check that the services they offer align with your business needs. After all, there’s no point in partnering with a company if they can’t provide you with what you’re looking for.

Some of the most important IT service solutions for small businesses include:

Trusted Small Business IT Services Provider

TTR Technology is one of the leading partners providing IT solutions for small businesses. With more than 10 years of experience, our specialist team is ready to support your company’s IT infrastructure.

Having started out as a small business ourselves, we understand that out-of-the-box solutions don’t always for them. We offer a full range of customizable managed IT services that can be optimized to fit your business needs.

Our ISO 9001 Certified, HIPAA compliant range of solutions covers everything from consulting and network management to complete cybersecurity, backup and cloud services, data recovery, and more. Our low-cost, flat-rate monthly plans help you resolve IT challenges and stay within budget.

Contact us today to discuss your small business IT services plan. Choose peace of mind – choose TTR Technology.

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