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SaaS solutions like Salesforce are a great way to support your internal and external business functions. Salesforce is one of the most popular tools for businesses to improve organization and communication across all departments.

When it comes to Salesforce, it’s important to backup your data so that you don’t risk data loss. While an effective solution for most businesses, Salesforce does not offer a complete data backup on a daily basis.

Backing up your data is essential. A data loss could cause significant downtime and negatively impact your relationships with customers and vendors. If your information is lost, you’ll need data recovery services to ensure that you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

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Why You Need Salesforce Backup and
Recovery Solution and Data Protection.

SaaS providers like Salesforce care about the security of data for their customers. However, data in cloud-based SaaS solutions like Salesforce can still be lost for a variety of reasons. Human error may cause an employee to accidentally delete important data or overwrite it. It’s also possible to lose data because of a canceled account subscription or for many more reasons that you may not consider.

Salesforce backup and recovery solutions include:

If you’re a business that relies on its data, you can afford to risk losing Salesforce data. As the customer, you’re responsible for your own data, not Salesforce.

Salesforce also recently retired their very own Data Recovery service, which means it’s necessary to use a third-party backup solution. If you don’t use a third-party solution, you risk losing some or all of your data and metadata forever.

Here are some reasons why you could lose your data and need Salesforce backup.

Who to Trust in Your Salesforce
Backup Needs

When it comes to your salesforce backup, you need to work with a company that you can trust. They’re responsible for backing up all of your data, which means they’ll have access to your customers’ information, employee information, and everything your business uses to run optimally.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the determination of how much data you can lose without it negatively impacting your organization. There's no way to recover data that's been changed since the last backup, so it's important to backup your data frequently or at least daily to ensure that all of the latest information is in use.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the rate at which you need your data recovered. Your data can be recovered in a matter of minutes if you have cloud data protection. Other solutions may take days or weeks. Your Salesforce backup solution should reflect your RTO needs. If you need to use the same data every single day and it accidentally gets deleted, you'll be faced with critical downtime that can impact every aspect of your business.

Keeping your data secure should but your number one priority. To protect your data, you'll need a comprehensive backup data strategy. Losing large data will not only cause downtime and compromise your business continuity and efficiency, but it can also affect valuable relationships. Data management is essential for the security of key business information.

Your data should always be accessible. Lost data has so many negative impacts on your business, which means that it should be recovered as soon as possible and accessible. We offer automated backup to a physical, independent, and safe cloud location, keeping your data safe and accessible at any time—even if Salesforce is experiencing downtime.

Your data integrity is the consistency and accuracy of data. If your data is compromised, you can't use it. Not to mention you cannot use data that is lost. Maintaining the integrity of your data should be a core feature of your backup solutions.

Benefits of Salesforce Platform
Data Backup and Recovery Services

Your business’ vital information cannot be lost. Your employees need to access data every single day to do their jobs and ensure efficient business functions. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have the right backup solution for Salesforce data and are unaware of potential risks.

As a business, you have a reputation to protect. If you have a data breach in which a hacker has gained access to customer data like credit card information, you risk your reputation. Many people will choose not to partner with you anymore for fear of further loss. If your customers or vendors' information is lost or someone has gained access to it, you risk losing them as customers for life.

Even if your data isn't stolen or gained access to, your reputation can be damaged in other ways. If you're faced with unnecessary downtime, you could upset your partners, ultimately affecting whether or not they'll continue working with you. With the right backup plan, you can protect your reputation and the information of your customers.

With Salesforce data backup and recovery, you'll have an increased level of reliability when it comes to your data. Backup is done in a number of ways. You can choose to back up some data daily and others less often. Backup is done in the cloud so that you can recover files whenever you need.

If you choose a full backup, you'll ensure that all of your data in Salesforce is safe and secure. You can also choose a partial backup that requests certain folders and files you want to be backed up.

Data loss can cost your business time and money. Outsourcing your Salesforce data backup and recovery is a cost-effective solution for ensuring your data's security and preventing its loss.

Unfortunately, technology isn't perfect. While it's been proven to be more efficient and effective than paper, technology can still fail. Losing something as simple as power can damage hard drives and lead to data loss without proper backup.

Reliable, Secure Salesforce
Backup Solution and Salesforce
Data Protection and Recovery

We’re available when you need us most. Avoid downtime by contacting us as soon as you lose your Salesforce data so that we can recover it as soon as possible and keep your business running efficiently.

When it comes to backing up and recovering information, there’s no one better than TTR Technology. We offer a 100% free evaluation, and our price quotes are always honest and exact.

We’ve been helping businesses back up and recover their data since 2006, offering recovery solutions all over the world.

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Salesforce Data Recovery
Data Restoration

Salesforce data recovery and data restoration are often confused with one another. Data restoration is the process of bringing data back from backup media sources. The main difference between the two is that there is no previous data back up with data recovery. If you haven’t had salesforce backup, then you’ll need data recovery to get your valuable data back.

Salesforce backup and recovery work hand in hand to ensure that businesses have access to their Salesforce data and metadata when they need it.

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