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Cloud backup is the act of storing copies of your essential business data in a safe location. It can be applied to resources on premises and helps with data protection. Data backup is also available for data and files in the cloud, including SaaS applications like Salesforce, Office 365, and G Suite.

Successful companies adopt backup as part of their IT strategy because moving data into the cloud is a modern, effective, and easy way to handle large volumes of data. It’s also cost-effective, making it one of the best solutions for companies of all sizes.

Back up files, databases, emails, and other forms of content from cloud-based applications. Backup solutions are used by organizations to secure information that was created in the cloud, such as a Google Doc, or stored in the cloud like a folder containing marketing materials.

Backup solutions allow companies to backup, recover, and restore data that’s been stored in the cloud, which can be beneficial when hardware fails, files are deleted, or to help recover files and data in the event of ransomware attacks.

The best data backup services allow companies to recover data in case of disaster, allowing that data to be available at any time and easily integrated with existing cloud applications along with endpoint devices.

Companies of all sizes should consider cloud data backup for storing files and data online or in the cloud, integrating with apps and endpoints to back up files and data, and providing access to data for easily recoverable lost data.

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Benefits of Cloud Data Backup Solutions. Unparalleled.

Your business needs SaaS solutions for email, collaboration, and file storage. As businesses continue to shift their data protection from on-location to the cloud, they’re being met with new security and data loss challenges.

Unfortunately, you’re not paying for backup and recovery when you pay for your SaaS subscription, which leaves you exposed to loss of data for a number of reasons

Data Accessibility

Losing data can be costly for your business. Whether it's a file that's part of a more significant project or your contact information, you'll be faced with downtime and worry until the problem is solved. Downtime can have a huge impact on your business, causing problems with your important partnerships, reducing your employees' effectiveness, and leaving your entire business standing still until that one piece of data can be found.

Data loss doesn't have to mean that you'll never get that data back if you have data protection and backup. Backing up your cloud data means that there is a backup for all of your files and folders, whether they exist in an application or a SaaS solution. Your data doesn't have to be lost, and your business will never face data loss related downtime again.

It's recommended to back your data up so that you will never lose more than a day's worth of data. However, you can choose to back up your data as often as you like. If you only update a certain file weekly, you can choose to automatically back it up at the end of the day so that your files are always updated and backed up

Improve Collaboration

Collaboration is a buzzword when it comes to business these days. Companies have been finding out that by allowing easier collaboration through departments, they can streamline their processes. Consider a company launching a new product. There are multiple departments that all have to work together, including marketing, product development, public relations, and remote companies that you order your parts from. Without effective collaboration, it could take months or years longer to launch your brand. However, by collaborating, departments can put the products on the shelves faster using an easy SaaS platform like G Suite.

No matter how big or small, losing any data can be disastrous for employees and companies who are on deadlines. Your teams need to be able to access data whenever and wherever they are with zero problems. Cloud backup improves collaboration by preventing mistakes like someone deleting the wrong file from becoming your business's downfall.

Reduce Costs

Not only is cloud backup cost-effective, but it can also reduce your overall costs. When an employee or a team of employees loses data, they're ultimately losing time. The odds are that you pay your office team by the hour, so you're losing money each minute they're not able to work because of something that could have been prevented. You simply can't send these workers home, but they might be at a standstill when it comes to their work.

By losing valuable partnerships because of excessive downtime in your business, you'll continue to lose money. Your customers and vendors don't like to wait when they're doing business with you. They're busy, too, and if you don't offer them the convenience, they need when working with you, they'll give their business to your competition.

Downtime costs money on all sides, which is why it's important to have a quality cloud backup solution.

Protection for Major SaaS Tools

Cloud Backup offers protection for major SaaS tools, including G Suite, Salesforce, and everything in between. This ensures data protection no matter which cloud solutions you use.

SaaS Backup Peace of Mind

With your SaaS data in the cloud, you can rest assured knowing that you won't lose valuable data again. Instead, it can be recovered from a point in time so that you have the exact data you need when you need it. That means no more downtime and no more worrying about losing data for projects or your business partners' and customers' valuable information.

Automatic Backup

Cloud backup can occur as much as you'd like because it's an automatic process. Consider your data. If it's organized well enough, you can choose which data is backed up when. You might only update client or contact lists on Fridays. You can choose to backup those lists at the end of the day every Friday.

If you have teams working on a larger project, we suggest backing files and data up every day so that you have current versions of everyone's work.


The safety of storing your data in the cloud might be a concern since it’s not in a physical location under your control. However, the data backed up in the cloud is actually safer than data stored in your harddrive. Malware and phishing attacks are more advanced than ever, so even if you do store data on-premises, your information isn’t safe on devices. Cloud protection services, however, are more powerful.

Your data needs to be safe and secure no matter where it's stored and used. With automated backup to a physical independent and safe cloud location, you'll keep your data safe and accessible to only those with permission to do so. If you're working with a SaaS application that is experiencing downtime or lags, you'll still be able to access your data and work outside of the application until it's back up and running.

Your cloud backup service provider will take care of your cloud backup set up so that you know your data is protected. We use advanced tools that make it easy to use for you and your employees to recover data, including emails, files, and meta data.

We backup your data daily to guarantee that you don't lose valuable data at any time. If you choose to backup your data more, you can do so, and it will be an automatic process that we set up for you. You can also choose to backup your data less often, although we recommended daily for the most accurate records for your business.

How long you want to retain your data is completely up to you. If you want to keep it for only a short period of time because your data changes quickly or longer, you can customize your retention by the type of data. For example, if you want to keep emails for 30 days and OneDrive files for six months, you can do so easily and without any extra work on your part.

Cloud Backup Solution: Proper Security

As you continue to add new hardware and software to your daily business functions, you’ll increase your security risks, including data loss. Disasters happen every day, which can result in a massive data loss. When you consider the costs of these losses, it’s clear to see why a data center backup plan is necessary, no matter how much money your business brings in each year.

We're available 24/7 so that you can keep your data safe from accidental deletion or malware attacks. No matter where you're located or your hours of operation, we're always available for you.

TTR Technology is ISO 9001 Certified and a GSA contract holder, certified to work with government agencies. In fact, we've done IT work with NASA, and the US Army.

We take care of everything for you so that your data is backed up when you need it, and you can recover and restore files when accidents or attacks happen. We can customize our cloud backup to meet any business's needs regardless of its size.

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