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Backup as a service is the process of data management, storing data in the cloud, on-premises, and off-premises. Backups store files, folders, data, and the contents of hard drives. The data is in a secure storage location via a secure network connection. Conventional backup solutions are a thing of the past because, after the sale, you are responsible for the system implementation, configuration, and maintenance. 

Backup as a service, however, uses backup software, a storage hardware solution, cloud backup, a subscription for cloud infrastructure access, a team of technicians, and an insurance policy to cover emergencies and combines them in a nice, affordable package for companies of all sizes.

Improve your data management. Backup your data today. 

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Types of Backup and Recovery Services. Unparalleled.

There is a variety of back up services available to suit your business and its needs. 

There are a variety of types of backups available that can be used independently or in combination with one another as part of your data backup solution.

Benefits of BaaS Backup Services

Since your data is stored in the BaaS, you don't run the risk of threats like natural disasters, human error, or hackers. Data stored in BaaS is encrypted, further minimizing your risks. 

BaaS solutions are automated, which means you can set it and forget it. You don't have to proactively save, label, or track your data. 

BaaS is less expensive than the traditional cost of tape drives, servers, or additional hardware and software elements. 

TTR Technology Backup Services

We’re available 24/7 to meet your backup needs. Never loose valuable data again! Contact us today. 

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TTR Technology provides IT support, including quality service, unique proprietary data recovery, and technology solutions not found anywhere else.

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