Dark Web Monitoring: Protect Your Business From Cybercrime

dark web monitoring

The dark web offers cybercriminals opportunities to trade and distribute stolen information, which is very dangerous for any organization. Dark web monitoring has become a critical approach to protecting organizational information assets. TTR Technology is the greatest marketplace for monitoring the dark web in Dallas for businesses to stay ahead of cyber criminals. Let’s jump […]

MDR Solutions: Why They are Critical and How to Choose

MDR Solutions

The internet being a strong tool in the business world, can be a boon or a curse for many organizations. It boosts the chance of growth and connectivity. It also poses a risk of malware, phishing, and ransomware, among others. MDR solutions are effective security solutions that are designed to constantly scan your network for […]

How To Prevent Cyber Attacks in Healthcare

Cyber Attacks

Securing patient data is critical in today’s digitally transformed healthcare environment, as the industry faces a silent crisis spreading through coding and computers. Cybercriminals attack healthcare organizations more frequently as they rely more on digital systems to manage vital infrastructure and hold sensitive patient data. Is your healthcare organization ready to prevent this emerging threat […]

Why Every Organization Needs a Network Security Risk Assessment

Why Every Organization Needs a Network Security Risk Assessment

Did you know that a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds? In this high-risk digital environment, protecting the network becomes essential. The network security risk assessment is the best way to analyze the threat that may affect your company’s functioning. TTR Technology cyber security solutions explain how NSRA is important for protecting your valuable resources. […]

Why Organizations Need Cyber Security Expert: Reasons and Benefits

cyber security expert

Cybersecurity is critical because a single cyberattack can paralyze a business within a few hours. Wake up one morning to discover your organization’s client information compromised, operations halted, and reputation severely tarnished. This is not a scenario that is in the future; it is a reality that is unfolding in all economies today. To minimize […]

Why Endpoint Security is Critical For Healthcare

Why Endpoint Security is Critical For Healthcare

One unprotected device could put a whole healthcare network at risk, which is scary to think about. Endpoint security solutions are very important in the healthcare field to keep patient’s information safe and the business running. But in the competitive world of healthcare, these answers are not only needed, they are important for survival. The […]

Firewall as a Service: Firewall Auditing in The Oil and Gas Industry

Firewall as a Service

A firewall as a service provides a high level of security through web filtering, advanced threat management, intrusion detection, and DNS protection. FWaaS has the advantage of being able to expand or reduce the size of the network without the logistical delays present when using traditional hardware firewalls.  It also makes it much easier to […]

Meet HIPAA Compliance and Protect Patients

HIPAA Compliance

The primary role of healthcare facilities goes beyond treating patients, it also includes ensuring their privacy and security. As the number of cyber threats and data breaches surges, regulations like HIPAA Compliance are not merely a legal obligation but a need for healthcare organizations. Compliance with HIPAA has ensured the protection and privacy of patient’s […]